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Riparian Protection

Identification and Mitigation of Riparian Issues

Landowners enjoying stream or river access on their property may be as familiar with the terms associated with the fragile areas along the banks of the water as they are with the myriad of life forms that thrive there.

In hydrologic terms, a stream and all the vegetation on its banks are considered a riparian zone.

These zones have been appropriately designated by multiple agencies as a top priority for restoration due to their vital role in the overall health of the surrounding watersheds. It is this important designation, as well as the essential role that these zones play in any landowner's efforts to maintain a balanced environment, that compels NCRC to provide multiple services to assist with any efforts to restore watersheds.

Such services may include:

- Hydrology
- Sediment Filtering Design and Implementation
- Bank Stabilization Design and Implementation
- Water Storage and Release Design
- Aquifer Recharging
- Planning and Permitting
- Financial Assistance

Channel modification, urbanization, and other land use changes have contributed to the problems of stream erosion and instability, degradation of important riparian habitat, and the loss of valuable land and infrastructure. Understanding stream behavior, assessing instability problems, and planning for stabilization or restoration projects have become increasingly important for landowners in sensitive areas.

NCRC has extensive experience in the identification and mitigation of riparian issues. If you have a stream, river or body of water on your property in which you seek assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at the Resource Center at 530-468-2888.

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